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Fuel Your Creativity: 7 Super-foods for Brain Power

Is your brain firing on all cylinders? Discover 7 brain-boosting super foods proven to keep your “motor” running strong.

You probably don’t think of the grocery store when you think of art supplies, but the foods you buy there can have more to do with your art and creativity than a pencil or paintbrush.

Your brain keeps on working long after you’ve called it a day. It has to work overtime processing all of the information you throw at it on a daily basis. That radio show you listened to this morning, the park you visited over lunch, the business meeting from this afternoon, and that movie you watched last Tuesday—your brain takes it all in and works frantically to sort and store it for easy access when you need it.

The brain works up a pretty hefty appetite while taking care of all this business. To keep it running strong you’ve got feed it and feed it well.

We’ve put together a shopping list of foods that have been proven to boost your creativity and improve your overall brain function. These 7 foods are packed full of the good stuff that keeps your mind running at full speed. We’ve also included some simple tips for adding them to your diet.

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