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A Guide to Drawing Better Portraits

Shouldn’t drawing a portrait be an exciting experience? For many, it starts out that way, but proportion and form rear their ugly heads and drawing suddenly seems more frustrating than exciting.

But what if you had a guide; a step-by-step procedure that broke the drawing down into manageable sections? Something like this could help you visualize the individual shapes in your drawing and avoid being overwhelmed by the portrait as a whole.

We have just the solution!

We’ve put together an exercise that will guide you through the process of laying out a portrait. In just 14 easy steps, you’ll have a complete layout and a better understanding of how individual shapes make up your finished drawing.

In this free exercise you will learn:

➣ How to divide your images into manageable, easy-to-draw sections.

➣ To start seeing the individual shapes that make up the whole of your drawing.

➣ To remove the guesswork from drawing with these easy-to-follow steps.

Claim your free drawing exercise now, and start seeing the difference seeing shapes can make in your artwork!