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A Guide to Drawing Accurate Portraits

What’s the best way to tackle a big challenge? One piece at a time!

In front of you sits a picture of your beloved granddaughter. She’s cute as a button, and just seeing her picture brings a smile to your face. However, when you pick up your pencil to start drawing her portrait that smile quickly fades.

Suddenly, all you can see are thousands of hairs, two highly complex eyes, the flowing contours of a nose, and a mouth, that in this moment all seem utterly impossible to draw.

Your heart sinks... This was supposed to be therapeutic and fun! But now, you can’t imagine what ever made you think you could draw such a complicated picture.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s easy to look at a reference image and see nothing but confusion and frustration—there’s a lot for your mind to process.

But, what if you could learn to focus on what matters?

This free exercise will help you do just that!

➣ Learn how divide your images into manageable, easy-to-draw sections.

➣ Start seeing the individual shapes that make up the whole of your drawing.

➣ Remove the guesswork from drawing with these easy-to-follow steps.