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Artist Showcase: Ranford Anderson


Ranford Anderson is closer in age to a senior in high school than a to senior citizen, but his mission is one that artists of all ages can stand behind. He’s working to bring an appreciation for art back to his homeland , Jamaica. As it is, anyone who expresses the desire to be a career artist gets the same cynical browbeating  you can imagine the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team received when they showed up in Calgary.

Ranford started sketching when he was in the 6th grade and stuck with it until computers won the bid for his attention. As Ranford began to study information technology, the time he spent making art grew less and less until he had given it up altogether. “I honestly don't know what happened, but I suddenly stopped drawing,” Ranford says. “I have been working with computers since.”

At the beginning of this year, Ranford realized that although computers did interest him, he was pretty bored with it all. While watching YouTube videos one night, he noticed a video on how to draw a spoon. Ranford recalls, “I watched it and said to myself ‘I can draw that’,” and that’s exactly what he did. He drew the spoon, and then he started drawing portraits of people, cars, and whatever else he get his hands on. Then Ranford discovered photorealistic graphite pencil drawings. “I've found myself, my true passion, and I can now say it's an obsession!,” he proudly declares.

Ranford is clear on that fact that he doesn’t make art to compete with anyone; he simply wants to continue to improve and always one-up his personal best. “I'm an artist because I say I am. The goal is to bring back a genuine love for art in Jamaica. To inspire others to be creative—especially the youth—it’s a mission.”

See more of Ranford's work at his Facebook page or twitter feed!

Or, visit The 5-Pencil Method Community to view his profile.

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