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Artist Showcase: Peggy Covic


“Artistic advantage” isn’t typically a phrase associated with unemployment, but that’s exactly how Peggy Covic sees her current unemployed status.

When her job as a software engineer dried up two years ago, she found that it gave her more time to work on her art—hence the artistic advantage.

It was while taking an elective college art class in 2005 that she realized she could really get into this art stuff. She loved the challenge of transforming a flat piece of paper into a “wow”-inducing three-dimensional image. She was hooked! Nothing could keep her from pursuing her new passion. Nothing, that is, except leaving school and getting smacked in the face by that thing called life.

Peggy and her pencils had a falling out (nothing personal, just business) and they decided to go their separate ways. For five years, they would see each other from time to time, but never had the time to spare. That was until Peggy stumbled upon Darrel Tank’s 5-Pencil Method online. This reignited her passion for art and led her to make things right with her estranged pencils. 

She didn’t stop there! Peggy has since branched out into watercolor and pastel pencil painting as well. As her repertoire continues to grow, she finds herself getting more and more excited about art and creativity. She has no idea what medium she’ll try next, but she does know that she will always come back to her beloved graphite pencil.

You can feast your eyes on more of Peggy’s work right here at 

the 5-Pencil Method Community.

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