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Artist Showcase: Marc Sauvé


When Marc Sauvé was in the 9th grade, he painted his first oil on canvas and presented it at a school art show. The next day, his teacher handed him a business card and informed him that his painting had a buyer.

Marc was shocked and honored. Yet, even with money on the line, he was unwilling to give up that first piece. The piece was personal; how could he just hand it over to someone else?

This experience, along with the coaxing of his art teacher, friends, and family, led Marc to pursue art as a career. He studied graphic design in college and then went on to work at a professional level. For 20 years he created art on a computer, which he thoroughly enjoyed, but he found himself itching to pick up a pencil again.

It was about this time that Marc faced a major setback. His lifelong struggle with type 1 diabetes now threatened to take his eyesight. He was diagnosed with retinopathy and told that he could lose his very livelihood.

After nine surgeries, doctors were able to save Marc’s vision. This was the best news he could have ever received! Marc threw himself at his artwork like never before. He resolved that he would take his art to the next level and began searching for a method that could take him there. He discovered the 5-Pencil Method and found it to be just the structure he needed.

Marc still feels a personal connection to his artwork, but now, he has no problem handing it over to others. He gives away his art to friends and family—an act he admits feels like saying goodbye to a friend. He calls it “sharing his vision,” vision he feels very fortunate to have.

You can view more of Marc’s work at

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