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Artist Showcase: Lisa Kelly


Recently, Lisa Kelly’s daughter made a comment that got her thinking about her art. 

It came just as Lisa began taking her artwork more seriously and putting more time and energy into her efforts. Her daughter questioned her ability to stick with it, saying, “Oh mom, you won’t follow through with it.” Lisa couldn’t help but wonder if her daughter was right.

Could she stick with it? Lisa thought of her own father who had been an artist and even received some training in college. However, he had seemed content to let his gift fade into oblivion in his later years. She wondered if she had inherited the same gene.

After this occurrence, Lisa began approaching art as a discipline—something that she could train herself to stick with. By taking the time to actually sit down and work on a project—really work, not just rush through—she found that art became more enjoyable and a daily matter of course.

This month, Lisa showed her work in public for the first time. Although she didn’t win any awards, she was thrilled to sell two of her watercolor paintings. She continues to apply herself to her graphite and watercolor works and shows no sign of stopping. Perhaps (and this writer would bet on it) Lisa will prove her daughter wrong and stick with her art after all. 

If you would like to see more of Lisa’s artwork, or get to know her more, feel free to check out her profile at  the 5-Pencil Method Community.

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