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Artist Showcase: Greg Farrington


Pirates, buried treasure, warm, clear waters, pristine beaches, Greg Farrington—Greg Farrington? 

No, this isn’t a game. You aren’t being asked to chose the word that doesn’t belong. Greg Farrington fits right into the list. 

A Grand Bahama native and self-proclaimed “islander,” Greg is as much a part of the Bahamas as they are him. Much of his art bears testament to this fact. His light, airy strokes and tropical subjects seem to conjure up images of palm trees and cold drinks.

Farrington became interested in art in high school, where he spent much of his time in the art classroom experimenting with different media and developing his skills. After school, Greg focused his creativity on starting and growing his own printing company, Freeport Advertising & Printing. As owner, Greg’s time was stretched thin and his love of drawing was put on hold. 

Then, last year, he and his daughter (a budding teen artist) decided to make time for their art. They began spending Saturday mornings together, working on watercolor still-life paintings and sketches for her art portfolio. 

After that, while on vacation in Canada, Greg picked up a sketch pad and began sketching the sights throughout the trip. The practice stuck, and Greg now makes regular time for sketching his family members and the beauty of his island home.

If you would like to see more of Greg’s work, check out his profile at

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