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Artist Showcase: Ginger Brady


In 1992, after nearly three decades of working in the medical field, Ginger Brady decided to make the switch to being a full-time artist. 

She had been drawing houses for real estate agents in her hometown for quite some time and word was getting out that she knew what she was doing. The influx in work provided her with the opportunity to make it a full-time endeavor. 

After the switch, a real estate agent asked Ginger to draw his portrait for advertising purposes. She had never drawn a portrait of a human, and the prospect seemed daunting. Glass windows, wooden doors, and asphalt shingles seemed like a far cry from human eyes, weathered skin, and salt-and-pepper hair, but Ginger decided she would accept the challenge anyway.  

Referencing every book and tutorial she could find, Ginger set out to master portrait drawing. But, right off, she was frustrated by the lack of “polish” in her portraits. Her work just didn’t look as refined as she would have liked, and she couldn’t find a solution. 

It was during this time that Ginger stumbled across Darrel Tank’s artwork online. She loved how he took his artwork to a new level and set out to discover his secret method. When she couldn’t replicate his techniques on her own, she got in contact with Darrel. “Over the years, I pestered Darrel to put his lessons on video since going to Idaho for art lessons was out of the question,” Ginger says. “One day, years later, he surprised me and let me know that he was going to produce lessons on video and that they would be out soon. I bought his instruction and tutorials and the rest is history. I am now working as a professional portrait artist creating work of people and animals.”

If you would like to see more of Ginger’s artwork, or get to know her better, feel free to check out her profile at  the 5-Pencil Method Community.

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