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Artist Showcase: Frank Boudreau


Artist Frank Boudreau’s story begins where President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ends. Frank was born on April 12, 1945, the same day that America’s 32nd president died. That day, in a small fishing village outside of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, the newest Boudreau was christened Frank in honor of the fallen leader.

In 1964, Frank moved to Massachusetts in the United States and began his career as a carpenter. Ten years later, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, he had his own business restoring furniture and was enveloped in all of the joys of small-business ownership. Sensing his mounting stress and strain, Frank’s wife secretly enrolled him in evening oil painting classes, hoping they would be an effective release. The covert tactic worked, and Frank has been hooked on painting ever since.

Frank and his wife, Donna, currently reside in Arcadia, Nova Scotia. The extensive shoreline, overabundance of maritime history, and marine life provide Frank with constant fuel for his creativity. “My passion is to paint what I know and to paint my surroundings” he shares. “I'm never lost for subject matter—especially when painting seascapes or Nova Scotia shorelines or anything related to the ocean, for that matter.”

Though a carpenter by trade, in recent years Frank’s so-called part-time painting hobby has become an almost full-time endeavor. He has no misgivings about this fact, however, and gladly embraces the opportunity to paint. “Walking away from my art is something that never enters my mind,” says Frank. He encourages others interested in art to adopt the same philosophy. “Read many books on the subject, go to galleries—copying artists that I admired is something I did when starting out—and definitely take workshops.” All of these practices have kept Frank interested in art and driven to succeed for the past 33 years.

Since his first painting, Frank has been attracted to realism. Even after all of these years, he still finds the challenge of capturing his subjects as true to life as possible a thrilling one. One look at his work and you get a sense of Frank’s attention to detail and connection with the natural beauty that surrounds him. He paints solely in acrylics, which dry fast and lend themselves well to his personal style and technique.
If you would like to see more of Frank’s work, visit his website,, or check out his profile at

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