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Artist Showcase: Erick North


In 1998, Erick North left Arizona State University with a fine arts degree in hand. For a few years afterward, he focused solely on digital painting, but before long his hands were full with more than just a degree.

Along came children—four children, actually. As kids so often do, they became an all-consuming part of daily life, and Erick’s artwork took the backseat for 14 years.

About a year ago, Erick discovered Darrel Tank’s 5-Pencil Method online, and it rekindled his love for art. He now strives to get some drawing time in everyday, and with each finished drawing he becomes more passionate about his artwork. Erick feels he has a long way to go, but he sees being able to do something that brings him so much pleasure as a real blessing. 

Erick works on commissioned pieces occasionally, but his primary goal is to continue improving and surprising himself with each new portrait. He doesn’t know where his artwork will take him in the future, but he says he’s sure there will be paper on his desk and a pencil in his hand.

If you would like to see more of Erick’s work, check out his profile at

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