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Artist Showcase: Casper Venter


Casper Venter joined the South African police service with the intention of becoming a part of the facial reconstruction and Identikit unit. However, when he went for an interview he was told to “leave the art to the artists and find something else to do.”

The experience cut deep and Casper set his pencils aside, joining the forensics science laboratory instead.

Three degrees, a wife, and two children later, the urge to draw returned. He bought a pack of pencils and a drawing pad, planning to pick up where he left off. This seemed like a great idea at the time, but he soon became so frustrated by lack of practice and a distracting 6-year-old that he abandoned all hope of ever drawing again.

Then, in 2010, Casper received an offer to join the Forensic Science program at West Virginia University. This life change stirred his dormant desire to draw yet again, and in 2011, after 19 years, he resolved to get back to drawing. A quick Google search lead him to Darrel Tank’s 5-Pencil Method, and after taking one look at Darrel’s work and the work of his students, Casper was hooked.

Casper says he has learned two valuable lessons on his artistic journey. First, “If God gave you a talent, don't let anyone tell you [that] you are not good at it. It took me 19 years to realize I had some talent. I only had to develop it with the right people.” And second, “You are never too old to learn new tricks. Art development has no age restriction to it. I love the times with my 8-year-old girl around the drawing table. When I was younger and my son was asking so many questions, my patience was not what it should have been at the time, but through the years I became more patient and understanding. I cannot turn back time, but I have learned from the past.”

If you would like to see more of Casper’s work, feel free to check out his profile at

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