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Artist Showcase: Carol Alvarado


The majority of Carol Alvarado’s young life was spent at the Covenant of the Good Shepherd, an all girls boarding school in Northern California. 

As a child, Carol remembers being incredibly lonely and missing her family immensely during her stints at school. Relief came in the form of a set of pastels given to her by her teachers. She wasted no time putting them to use and would spend hours alone in the art room, lost in her creativity.

When she graduated from the Covenant of the Good Shepherd, she entered the convent and became a Contemplative Sister of the Cross. While there, Carol continued to cultivate her artistic gift through watercolor paintings. Her gift didn’t go unnoticed and before long she was tasked with creating artwork to give to the convent’s benefactors. 

After seven years as a sister of the cross, she left and shortly after met her husband. They settled down and started a family together in Southern California. However, after her cloistered upbringing she had a hard time settling into society. To top it off, Carol had grown up in an age where learning disabilities went unrecognized and she now struggled with disabilities she didn’t even know she had. 

She did, however, have her art. As in childhood, art became her one constant—the thing she was good at and enjoyed doing. Her artwork allowed her to stay home with her kids while still helping with the finances. 

Over the past 45 years, Carol has learned to use her artistic talent to help others as well. In 2005, a friends art school closed and she was asked to continue teaching some of the students. For the past eight years, eight young students have come to her house for instruction. 

Taking on students has made finding time for her own artwork difficult, but she’s thrilled for the opportunity to use her talent in a new and exciting way. 

If you would like to see more of Carol’s artwork, or get to know her better, feel free to check out her profile at the 5-Pencil Method Community.

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