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7 Tips For Staying Focused On Your Goals

by Alyson Stanfield

You will encounter all kinds of roadblocks that test your resolve to achieve your goals. Here are seven tips to help you maneuver around those barriers.

1. Know your priorities.

Dang it! You wrote them down somewhere. Where are those priorities? You shouldn’t have to look them up. You should know your priorities and trust in them. They are beacons that guide your every move.

Your top business priorities are those things that will have the biggest positive impact on your career and business. Then you have essential personal priorities like family, health, and spiritual practices. You need both business and personal priorities to do your best work and live your best life.

2. Share your priorities with those close to you.

Those who love you should want to support you in reaching your goals, but they won’t know how to do that until you have explained it. Telling people what you want for yourself will make it easier to set boundaries around your time. When you say, “I’m sorry I can’t have lunch, that is my studio time,” they will better understand why.

3. Let it go.

Saying Yes to your big goals means that you must say No to other things. Decide what can or should be eliminated from your schedule.

This might be socializing, spending time on social media, getting caught up in funny videos on YouTube, or watching television. But it might also be that you need to pull back from venues that aren’t serving you or marketing methods that haven’t paid off after consistent effort.

4. Practice a standard “rejection line.”

A “rejection line” is what you’ll use to say No, Thank You to requests for your time and energy. I tend to favor the one I learned from writers: “I’m sorry I can’t do that with/for you. I’m on a deadline.

Another favorite of mine is “Let me think about it and get back to you.” This is more about postponing a response rather than delivering an outright rejection. It’s perfect to use when you’re tempted.

5. Believe.

Trust that you can reach your big goals. They wouldn’t have occurred to you if the Universe wasn’t ready to deliver. faith in your direction, the more likely you will be to stand up for what is important.

There will be people and circumstances that try to separate you from your dreams. The more you have faith in your direction, the more likely you will be to stand up for what is important.

6. Hang a sign on your door.

Post a sign on your door with the name of your studio and hours of operation. Add the date of establishment if that helps. A sign reminds you (and potential interrupters) that you are at work.

7. Ask yourself: “What If . . . ?”

When I was writing my book, my coach asked me, “What if you go into a bookstore and see your book on the shelf – only it’s been written by someone else?”

The thought that someone else would write my book before me helped me stay on task.

What is your “What If” question that will help you stay focused on your priorities?

Alyson Stanfield is an artist advocate and business mentor at This article was originally published on her Art Biz Blog, which is consistently listed as a top 20 art blog. Read more articles like this at

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